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You've got a restaurant, coffee house, café, or bakery and you want to serve Coffee Exchange coffee?

Well, we CAN get it for you wholesale! To set up a wholesale account please call: 401.273.1198 (ext.5)

Our terms are simple:

While most of our coffees are available, some (special offering coffees and others) are not available at wholesale prices.

Our coffee is roasted to order. That’s why we require 2 business day’s notice for all wholesale orders. Otherwise, retail conditions apply

Minimum Order:              10 LBs
Minimum Unit:                 5 LB bag
Minimum Frequency:        Once every 6 weeks
Prices:                            $10.00 regular
                                      $12.00 per pound for Decaf
Payment:                        MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Shipping costs: We charge you exactly what USPS charges us. Not a penny more.

Our terms are simple.

Price per coffee 

$10.00 regular
$11.50 per pound for Decaf


PLEASE NOTE: These prices are likely  to be increased soon due to increasing green coffee prices brought on largely by the La Roya disease in Central America and the drought in Brazil.


Packaging unit:      

5-pound bag

Minimum order:      

20 pounds

Minimum per coffee:        

5 pounds



American Express


Shipping costs... We charge you exactly what USPS charges us. Not a penny more.

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