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American Roast: Light brown in color with a dry surface, this roast is characterized by a light body and a bright, piquant flavor.

Full City Roast: A little darker than the American, the Full City roast creates a rich, full-bodied flavor, slightly sweeter than the American Roast, more full bodied, with less of that grassiness that so characterizes the American Roast.

Vienna Roast:  Not as dark as the French Roast, but definitely more dark than light, the Vienna Roast brings the ambrosial coffee oils to the surface of the bean and brews a savory, pleasantly bittersweet cup.

French Roast: No questioning the French Roast: This is Dark. For this popular rendition, we roast particular beans slightly longer than in a Vienna Roast, resulting in a dark, oily bean with a bold flavor and a heady aroma. 

Espresso Roast: This is the end of the line, make-or-break time, where we take the coffee bean as far as we can in the roasting process in pursuit of that redolent, densely flavored espresso, but no longer only for espresso.

For over 30 years, Coffee Exchange has been a source for high quality, fresh roasted high grown Arabica coffee.  We roast coffee in small batches every day in our Wickenden Street cafe in Providence.  

Virtually all our coffees are organic and fair trade and all our decaffeinated coffees are pure water processed, using no chemicals. 

Coffee Exchange has long been a member of Cooperative Coffees, the progressive fair trade organic green coffee importing cooperative which works with small scale coffee farming partners and producing coops promoting organic growing methodologies and sustainable practices.  

We preserve the integrity of every coffee we roast by ensuring each coffee’s prominent taste characteristics are enhanced by the roasting strategies we employ. With a trained and enthusiastic roasting staff, and new roasting equipment, our roasting skills have leapt into the future, with experiments in roasting techniques applied to specific coffees, bringing out each coffee’s unique flavor profile.  We’re never satisfied with where we were last week. Rather, we’re always looking at how we can make that coffee better. And we’re frequently amazed when a tweak in gas pressure here or a change in airflow there has such an impact on a particular coffee’s taste in the cup. And there’s always the realization that there’s so much more we can do, so much more to learn.

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