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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to operate a coffee roasting business and café that provides our customers and our community, our employees and our coffee-farming partners, with those sustainable quality of life elements that a coffee business can provide and affect, from the quality of their lives to quality in the cup. 

Through support for The Coffee Trust (founded by co-owner Bill Fishbein), and organizations like Grounds for Health and Grow Ahead, and through membership along with 23 other roasters in the US and Canada with Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative that promotes Organic and Fair Trade coffee practices as well as infrastructure assistance and systems management training for coffee farmers, we try to impact sustainably the lives of our coffee-farming partners.

We strive to create a fair and sustainable workplace for our employees, free of inappropriate pressures, and with a reputation for providing fair wages, opportunities for growth and security, and for maintaining sustainable and healthy business practices, and making equipment and supplies decisions that improve and protect our environment.

And we constantly improve our coffee offerings, whether through sourcing special coffees, developing new roasting techniques, upgrading roasting and brewing technologies and professional development training practices for our employees, our in-store food and beverage customers and our mail order and internet customers throughout the USA.

The Coffee Exchange's Membership Drive

Please join The Coffee Trust’s Membership Program to help us make a sustainable difference for coffee-farming families. Thank you!

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