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Frequently, during the year, Coffee Exchange will come across special coffees that are only available in small "lots," too small for year long inventory but of such high quality we need to make available to our customers for "as long as supplies last." These special offerings should be available for the foreseeable future, a few months, maybe more, maybe less. We offer these special coffees for variety and for those unique experiences coffee drinkers live for.


Thanksgiving limited offerings


Kenya Top AA -- Kiangombe Washing Station

Kirinyaga Region

Kiangombe washing station opened in 1998 and the village surrounding it has a spectacular view of Mt. Kenya.  With the highly prized varietals of SL-28 and SL-34 being washed in the waters from the Mukengeria river and dried on raised beds this Top lot displays notes of tomatillo, dried pineapple, chocolate along with a big creamy body.  This coffee is sure to please even the most discerning taste buds.


Costa Rica -- Hacienda Sonora Honey Natural

Alajuela Region 

Hacienda Sonora is located in the central valley of Costa Rica at the foot of the Poas volcano.  This coffee is unique in more ways to count.  First off the processing is a 50/50 blend of Natural and Black Honey where all of the cherry’s mucilage is left intact then covered during drying.  Secondly the varietals in this coffee are comprised of everything that the farm grows including Red and Yellow Catuai, Venecia, Bourbon, Geisha, Villalobos, and Villa Sarchi.  With notes of lime, watermelon, fig and a heavy body this coffee will weaken the knees.  The Coffee Exchange will offer this coffee as both a Single Origin Espresso, and for your standard coffee makers.  


Burundi – Mpanga Washing Station

Kayanza Region 

Jean-Clement Birabereye opened this washing station in 2008 and he puts a premium on the farmers contributing to pick ripe cherry and practice organic methods (though the farms do not carry organic certification).  Each year Mpanga puts out some of the most high quality, clean coffees coming out of Burundi.  In 2014 Mpanga was awarded 1st and 3rd place in the Cup of Excellence competition.  The Coffee Exchange has offered the Natural lot in the past, and it was so good that we decided to bring it back.  This years lot is 100% Red Bourbon coming from the Nyangwe family farm.  Notes of rhubarb, watermelon, and peach make this coffee as good as it has been in the past, if not better.


Panama -- Baru Indian High

Boquete Region 

This coffee comes from the Anselito Estate owned by the Perez Balladares family.  Located near the Baru volcano in western Panama near the Costa Rican border the Estate grows Typica and Catuai varietals which are traditionaly grown in this region.  The coffee displays a classic flavor profile indicative of this region with notes of chocolate, allspice, black pepper and orange peel.


Rwanda -- Kodukak Cooperative – Kigeyo Washing Station

Rustiro Region

In 2006, 257 farmers from the area decided to pick and process their coffee together at the Kigeyo washing station to increase the quality of their coffee.  By 2015 this group has become a registered cooperative comprised of 990 member farmers, 339 of which are women.  The Bourbon varietal which these farmers cultivate gathers flavor notes of chocolate, white peach, vanilla.  Add a great body, and this Fair-Trade/Organic certified coffee is a crowd pleaser to say the least.  


Last updated November 21st, 2016


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