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New Year's Day Annual Fundraiser 2016


to Support The Coffee Trust and La Roya Recovery Project

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Announcing our 26th annual New Years Day Fundraiser
It's that time again. For over a quarter of a century, on New Year's Day, employees and food and beverage vendors at Coffee Exchange have donated their products and services (which is a Very Big Deal) which, when added to Coffee Exchange's donating everything else sold that day, means on New Year's Day that day, there are no operating costs, which enables us to donate the entire day's receipts to The Coffee Trust. This year again TCT is in a rush against time to help coffee farmers of Chajul (Guatemala) beat La Roya ("BEAT LA ROYA" is our Wi-Fi password). La Roya is the fungus that's devastating coffee farms throughout Central America. This year the traditional Silent Auction will be in full swing, so once again, while the rest of this town sleeps on New Years Day, Coffee Exchange Rocks. Businesses, Artists and Friends of COFX, please fill out the form to be attached to any items donated for the Silent Auction. And customers (Friends): if you haven't seen a New Year's Day at COFX, you'll be amazed at the energy and live music (possibly) and drawings and good times, all with the focus on starting off the new year with a loud shout out to our coffee farming partners in Guatemala. Last year they lost 75% of their crop to La Roya. This year, with the help of The Coffee Trust, they've recouped about half of that.  Starting off the New Year with a donation from the customers and employees and vendors of Coffee Exchange is, again, 
a Very Big Deal.

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